Southwest Michigan Food Innovation Center


The SW MI Food Innovation Center is operated in conjunction with the Springfield Farmers Market.  The facility is ideal for:


New Business Start-Ups

Food Research

On-Site Caterering

Off-Site Catering

Delivery Services


Food Packaging


Cooking Classes


Food Safety Classes


And Much More!


The Southwest Michigan Food Innovation Center is a non-profit kitchen and banquet facility located in Springfield, Michigan.  Our goal is to provide space for educators, bakers, caterers, chefs, and other food innovators to develop their skills, recipes, and techniques. It is important that our State's aspiring food innovators have an opportunity to work with the licensed space and equipment necessary to start and operate their food-based businesses. 

The Center also provides space for aspiring food innovators to package, sell, and serve customers on site.  Our on-site farmers market offers year-round space for sales, while our banquet center provides space for up to 300 guests to enjoy the food items prepared by our members.

The Facility, which opened in July 2011, features convection and conventional oven space, a proofer, char-broil space, a 10 burner gas range, a 20-Quart mixer, refrigerator and freezer space, five separate food-prep areas with sinks, personal storage lockers, flexible/movable counter space, a designated packaging area, and separate dishwashing and storage areas.  Our 1,200 square foot facility provides plenty of space for any food-related activities.  View the Springfield Farmers Market Website Here - or follow it on Facebook Here

A Special thank you to our current weekly renters: Bill's Hot Dog Factory, Bill's Cupcake Factory, Bumbleberries, Simplee Delicious, Pleasant Hill Farms, Johnny Javas, and Kris' Freezer Cooking.  Thank you for your support!